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Sun Disco

DISCO DAYDREAM, our Lusitano STALLION, 17 H, already had many gorgeous foals. He is one of 10 stallions, approved and inscribed in the prestigious Portuguese stallion books.


DISCO personifies the ancient Iberian breed qualities of intelligence, willingness to learn, versatility, instant maneuverability, agility and fearlessness. He passes to his offsprings sweet disposition, extremely comfortable smooth floating gaits, natural collection and brilliant extension. Even though he started his training with dressage (watch video) he is showing amazing ability and love for jumping. 

More YouTube videos of DISCO:   Snow Ride     Trot Canter Cavaletti     Disco #1    Disco #2


DISCO’S bloodlines of champions come from bullfighting to Olympian level and could be checked on the website of the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA). Please inspect his papers and DNA test, posted on this website, as well as those of his babies and of our MARES bred to him. Enjoy pictures of UNICORN BABIES. You are welcome to make an appointment and come to meet them. Call/text 541-359-8040, email UnicornRanch@msn.com