AboutUs_wildlife-habitatUNICORN RANCH
is a beautiful place, an eco-sustainable equestrian facility. Harmony between all aspects of life is our goal. No herbicides, pesticides or chemicals are used. Hay is organically grown. With the help of birds, frogs, fish and other critters, recycling, composting, reforesting, planting, growing hay and using a comprehensive approach, the ranch produces superior results that benefit horses, riders and the environment. Unicorn Ranch is a certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. 

Unicorn Ranch is a place where everything is possible. Our beloved resident My Silver Daydream is a living proof: an unplanned “love child”, backyard baby. Look up a book about his unusual life, written with the help of his humans on our BOOKS page.

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Dayday worked so hard and had such a big heart, that he was placed among the top 10 horses in the USA Nationals. He proceeded the following year to win the Canadian Nationals on the highest level offered in Dressage. Throughout his life Dayday won, as well, numerous State, Regional and Junior Young Rider Championships. He also won Northwest Combined Training Championship, had done exceptionally well in Endurance Racing, and was, when not showing, a wonderful therapeutic riding partner and mount for kids of different ages.


Daydream in all roles


Many of Unicorn Ranch horses were rescued horses or unwanted donated horses, but all ended up amazing, both in showing and as therapeutic horses. Part of their secret is the natural, healthy life they lead, and the love and care they receive.