The research demonstrates the importance of connection with the natural world for humans of any age, particularly for a child’s proper development. For centuries children observed their parents and learned from them ways to deal with different situations, developed social and physical skills and got honest, realistic feedback about who they are and their abilities in different areas. The world is very different a click away. Provided models to emulate for kids on TV and video games promote very different values and outlook at the world. Kids are affected on social, psychological, neurological level. For that reason China and South Korea proclaimed cellphone, video and Internet addiction #1 Public Health Threat and the Internet addiction disorder is a new category of Non Substance Addiction in DSM-V (Diagnostic manual USA).

At the UNICORN RANCH we are developing different programs to help reconnection to the natural world and the creative self. Some of upcoming workshops (other than related to horses) of  these series are:

  • Discovering healing plants
  • Exploring the world of the pond
  • Fruits, cones and seeds
  • Photography of nature’s marvels
  • Travelogue of the expedition into the woods with pressed flowers, sketches and comments
  • Making an Indian tipi and a campsite
  • Jewelry out of the woods
  • Composing a story, making puppets, using the materials nature provides
  • Micro world: exploring the world around us under microscope
  • Collecting pebbles, designing and making a mosaic
  • Making a mural from collected natural treasures
  • Making pictures with barks of different tries

Little Owl School of Arts workshop


Unicorn Ranch periodically sponsors ART SHOWS and always welcomes the opportunity to help promote various expressions of creative work: glass, ceramics, paintings, art and crafts.