We have a number of books available for purchase. Most of them can be purchased from amazon.com (click on the link) in ebook format. We also have a choice of hard copy or a CD-book. Please contact us if you prefer either format by phone 541-359-8040 or email UnicornRanch@msn.com


UNICORN GAMES — a book of activities for mounted lessons, that are developed for those working with students in the therapeutic riding program. The games in a fun way help achieve treatment goals. The book can also be very helpful as resource for riding activities for anybody involved with horses. You are welcome to look at some sample pages (click here).


HORSE FACILITATED THERAPY — a book that brings together the information on origins of therapeutic riding and research findings about its effect. Most of all the book focuses on how to start, structure and conduct the therapeutic riding program. We hope it will be informative and helpful to you.


A TRUE AUTOBIOGRAPHY by my SILVER DAYDREAM — a book about Silver Daydream’s unusual life, written with the help of his humans. He had an amazing life: from a “mistake,” a birth of unplanned baby to National Champion in Dressage, Champion Event horse, Endurance horse, therapy horse to name just a few of exciting aspects of his life.

The book would be of interest to anybody who loves horses and wants to know how it is to live the life of a horse. Originally the book was written to help kids in therapy to approach some difficult aspects of life humans and horses alike have: trying to show love and be accepted, relocation, loneliness and disappointments, rebellion against excessive demands, considering running away, how to deal with failure and rejection, how to handle success and expectations that come with it, and so on. Through the book, Daydream asks his audience very thought provoking questions. The book is illustrated by the drawings of the people in Dayday’s life and the readers of the book: from very young to adults.


ILLUSTRATED TWEETS — a shorter version of Daydream’s story, featuring many pictures, drawn by his admirers: kids as well as adults. We hope you will enjoy the little video preview (click here) of the book.


BOOKS about FEELINGS — series of 25 books, based on thoughts and drawings of participants in the therapeutic riding program. Some books, such as WHAT is a HORSE, relate more directly to horses and riding. The Books about Feelings are applicable to many other situations, beyond the riding or outside the riding program: such as GIRLS HAVE BELLY BUTTONS — about what it means to be a girl, or BOYS LIKE PAIN — what it means to be a boy, or DAY in a LIFE — a diary of a Unicorn. Each book also has a worksheet (click here) for a group leader, teacher or parent, who is reviewing the book with the group.



ALL about the HORSE (soon to be available) — a book about horsemanship and information about riding, tack, safety etc., geared to children. The book also has stories, written by children, and drawings, illustrating the topics discussed.






CHICA D’ORO the MUSTANG — a book, written about the  mustang horse, who was rescued by Unicorn Ranch. Permanently injured in the roundup she conquered the hearts of participants in the Lorane Unicorns Program.

Children from age 5 to those in their teens learned from the news that a bill was going through the US senate to approve a slaughter of a number of mustangs. The children decided they had to do what they could to save the mustangs. They put together their thoughts and feelings as to why mustangs should be saved and illustrated them. The senators from Oregon as well as Senator Reid, majority leader, received the document. As a result the bill did not go through due to the support of the senators, and the mustangs were saved for the time being. Later there was a request from Australia by a group, that wanted to save the brumbies to use the material in their plight. Story of Chica tells about these events and the effect of the events on children, that participated in the effort.