LORANE UNICORNS INC NONPROFIT PROGRAM is based on the therapeutic relationship between horses and humans as well as on positive, healing influence of the natural world on a person of any age.

The program through thoughtfully structured lessons not only develops skills and knowledge of horsemanship and appreciation of the natural world in the participants, but also increases confidence, resilience, sense of responsibility, communication skills, empathy among other positive changes. All of that fosters personal growth and increases self esteem. At the same time anxiety, feelings of isolation, tension, depression, level of insecurity and anger decrease.

Katarina Cernozubov-Digman, Ph.D is a director and coordinator of the Lorane Unicorns Inc Nonprofit Program, which includes ongoing RIDING PROGRAM for pre-teens, various WORKSHOPS for children and families with active participation of our 4-legged friends and community OUTREACH activities.

Katarina talking to DiscoKatarina is licensed as a clinical psychologist in 1980 in Hawaii; she had training in Europe and the US. She was on faculty at the University of Hawaii, graduate faculty at the University of North Colorado and  Antioch college West, and worked for University of Oregon Counseling Center. She participated in research projects of the Institute of International Studies, University of California and Department of Anthropology, Berkeley, California. Katarina was co-recipient of a National Association for Mental Health research grant. Katarina was a first responder for American Red Cross. Katarina founded the Women’s Counseling Clinic in Honolulu, Hawaii and had an extensive private practice. She was also a State Chairperson for NARAH for Hawaii. Katarina and her therapeutic riding program were recipients of various awards, such as: Department of Health, Department of Justice, First Lady Award and commendation from President Clinton, as well as United Way Award for the program’s volunteer. Katarina’s work in therapeutic riding was widely featured in numerous newscasts and newspaper articles. She is an author of a number of research articles and books.

Katarina is fluent in Russian, French, Serbo-Croatian, and also can communicate in Italian and Spanish. And over the years the program provided services to different non English speaking groups.

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To support our nonprofit activities please consider to:

VOLUNTEER  Watch a video of volunteers at work

ADOPT   a child/horse

DONATE   The Lorane Unicorns Program is a charitable corporation and all donations are tax deductible. To make a donation please contact us by phone 541-359-8040 or email UnicornRanch@msn.com

At this time the majority of our children come from very needy backgrounds. Some survive by going to the food basket at the Salvation Army. Some come from families living below the poverty line. Coming to the ranch is a highlight of their week. It is also therapeutic for them for emotional or physical reasons.

How might you help? You could become an “adoptive parent” either to a horse or to a child, and in that way bring joy and well being into the life of some child.

This adoption would mean that you would cover the expanses of the child’s therapy: $120.00/mo for group therapy once a week, or $200.00/mo for individual therapy.

IT costs about $80.00/mo to maintain a pony for feed and care (not including shoeing  or veterinarian serves, etc.) and ANY CONTRIBUTION IS WELCOME, large or small.

Another wonderful way to help is by providing gas money for parents and volunteers (some of whom are also on welfare or unemployed).

A big plus for you: knowing that you are making a big difference in someone’s life and donations are tax deductible.

You may come and get to know your adopted horse or child.

If you are a business that would like some publicity, we can provide you with pictures to feature in an advertisement. Or we could put your name on our brochures, and since our shows and events are often covered by television, we would be willing to put your name on the arena wall or jumps.

We do have some very photogenic four-legged creatures in our program. Why not have one as a star for your ads?

We can come by and present you with a video tape, which will show you about our program and its possibilities, and answer all your questions.

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