UNICORN RANCH is a place where horses and people can relax and enjoy natural world. Our baby horses are sired by Disco, a Lusitano stallion who at this time resides in Minnesota. Lusitano is a very ancient breed. According to legend, the Lusitano horse is a Son of the WindThe Lusitano name comes from the ancient territory, known as Lusitania, a part of the country we know now as Portugal. The engravings and wall paintings of Escoural cave in the province of Alentejo (central southern Portugal), dated between 17,000 and 13,000 BC, are the oldest known references to the existence of a Lusitano horse. They demonstrate that even before last Ice Age, a swift horse, extremely similar to Soraia and present day Lusitano, already existed in the Atlantic region. Today this hot blooded horse is known by two names. If it is bred in nowadays Andalusia, it is known as Pura Raza Española or Andalusian. If the horse is bred in Portugal it is known as Puro Sangue Lusitano or Lusitano. Every present day breed of saddle horses has in its roots Lusitano blood.

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Disco a Lusitano stallion

Through centuries due to courage, muscular strength, good acceleration and impulsion and great flexibility and maneuverability, they were chosen as mounts for kings, war horses, horses for the knights for tournaments, and bullfighting horses. They are known to “always follow his master’s thoughts.” Nowadays they are, due to their temperament and gaits (natural collection and superior extension) excelling in dressage, jumping, and are cow horses of choice in Latin America.

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