At the UNICORN RANCH we are committed to reaching out to different communities.

  • Visits to and from nursing homes, school visits with our adorable ponies involved can be arranged.
  • We participate in different events in the community, such as Food for Lane County and book exhibitions.
  • We invite families to participate in holiday events and art shows organized at the ranch.


Sunshine for Seniors program

The goal of the SUNSHINE PROGRAM is to induce positive change in the lives of seniors in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. It has been shown that meeting animals and communicating with them increases general feeling of human’s wellbeing, decreases experience of loneliness through positive social interaction, reduces the time needed to recuperate from illness or medical intervention.


Residential facilities can make appointments to visit the ranch or a pony or a service dog can visit residents at their facility on a regular basis and bring sunshine into their lives.


Lorane Unicorns visits


Family events at the Unicorn Ranch


Community events